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Now’s the time to support Carolina Broadway Theatre Company. Gifts from friends and supporters like yourself can make a real impact on the programs and a lasting effect on so many in our community. It’s never too late to make your tax deductible gift. (deductions to the full extent allowed by law)

Make your annual gift today. Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you at the theater!

Your donation will support their growth as actors and as people. Our product is not just the shows but the confident and self-assured young adults that result! Please give generously. All donors will be listed on the CBTC  website as well as in the season programs.

Devin Hatch
Josh Drake
McKenzie Townsend

From the Executive Director, Lesia Kaye

Having grown up in North Carolina, I wanted to share my experiences in the Professional Theatrical world with other kids who I knew were hungry for it just like I was.  Robert Clater and I founded CBTC in order to open doors and opportunities to fellow North Carolinians who dare to dream of a bigger and brighter future full of passion and song!

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