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Deborah Sampson:

in the character of a soldier

This one-character play, based on American history, takes place in a schoolhouse in 1802 and is intended for presentation in its modern equivalent. No intermission is required and no theatrical lighting, but there must be an American Flag present.

Plot Summary: In the late 1700s, there aren't many choices for a young girl without a family. Fatherless Deborah Sampson has been sent away from home because her mother is too poor and sick to take care of her, and so for ten years Deborah works as a servant for Deacon Thomas and his family. She is too busy to go to school (not that schooling was considered very important for girls anyway), and she certainly cannot learn a trade - that sort of thing is reserved for men only. At 18 years old, Deborah longs for a life of travel and adventure, and since this is forbidden for most females, the ingenious Deborah gets the bright idea to enlist in the Continental Army. During a time where women held very little rights in American society, Deborah risked her life to serve her country on the battlefield of the Revolutionary War. Her story is a tale of bravery and independence - not only for her country, but for herself.

Aesop's Fables

Plot Summary: A musical number introduces us to the world of Aesop's Fables and their famous morals ("Look Around You"). Aesop, in our fable, is a disgruntled carpenter who is unhappy with his profession ("Woe Is Me:). His friendly workshop companion, Miss Mouse, encourages him to pursue his true calling by asking hime to act out his tales. With the students' help, they enact the storiesof "The Tortise and The Hare" ("Speedy hare") -- Slow and steady wins the race;

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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