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Congrats to the 1st Graduating Class!!

Homeschool Prom!

Round Table Discussion Group
  • Grades 6-12

  • You choose the online curriculum that best fits your child and we facilitate that choice.

  • You choose the days your child will be at theHUB.

  • You choose the performing arts classes that fit your child's interests.

theHUB@CBTC Program Information

theHUB@CBTC is a program of the Carolina Broadway Theatre Company (CBTC); a 501c3 corporation that provides opportunities for young artists to transition into the professional performance world.

theHUB@CBTC serves as both a Cooperative (co-op) learning facility, and a performing arts training facility. The purpose of theHUB@CBTC is to allow young artists the flexibility of completing their academic school work, while still spending 20 to 30 hours a week in the studio to train and hone their artistic craft. Students enrolled in theHUB@CBTC are Middle and High School students who are already working professionals in the entertainment industry or aspire to be.


These students often travel the country working in films, music videos, stage productions, and music recordings. theHUB@CTBC program is specifically designed to give these working young artists more time to train in the art of music, drama, and dance; providing them with the skills they need to maintain long, successful careers! 


theHUB@CBTC 2018 is open on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 pm.


CBTC partners with Lenoir Rhyne University to secure tutors to assist students with their academic course work. 


CBTC presents “Ghost, The Musical” as our next entry into the Blumey Awards - The High School Musical Theatre Awards sponsored by The Blumenthal Performing Arts organization. The Blumeys have feature many local students most notably Eva Noblezada who won Best Actress, and continued to win the National High School Musical Theatre Awards called the Jimmy’s. She then went on to star in London and on Broadway as Kim in Miss Saigon, earning a Tony nomination.



First Semester: Aug 20, 2018 to Jan 11, 2019 18 weeks

(no classes Nov 19-23 or Dec 17-Jan 1)

Second Semester: Jan 14 to May 24, 2018 18 weeks

(no classes April 22-26, 2019)

Specialized Instruction

In addition to the homeschool curriculum that each student brings to theHUB@CBTC, we also offer weekly specialized performing arts based classes.

**Conversational Spanish**
~Play Production~
Play Production begins every Spring!
theHUB is a proud participant in the 2019 Blumey Awards
This year, theHUB presents 
~School On Stage~

This year we add the bonus of the School On Stage programs sponsored by Corning. This fall we will present in several local schools productions of A Doggone Musical, Deborah Sampson: In The Character of a Soldier, Aesop's Fables and The Whole World's a Talking

~Music Theory and Songwriting~


Critical Thinking!



What if my child isn't self motivated? 

Often times, the problem isn't the teacher rather than the methodology of teaching. Through yearly and systemic reinforcement, your child has been taught that learning is a burdensome thing that must be endured. Every child learns differently and most school systems simply are not set up to accommodate multiple styles of learning. theHUB takes the dread out of school and consciously teaches how to gather and process information for their own benefit rather than someone else's approval. There is focused attention to valuing intrinsic rewards of a curious mind which leads to the extrinsic value of grades.  It takes some time to undo the Pavlovian-type responses, but once it is accomplished, the world is opened and knowledge is desired. 



What if my child gets behind?


Our tutors from Lenoir-Rhyne University are here to create weekly goals, keep track of your child's progress and fully support theHUB students. Samantha, Lesia and Robert equally jump in to monitor progress and the weekly Round Table Discussions quickly forage out any lapse in learning which is addressed immediately.



What are the administrators' backgrounds? 


Lesia Kaye is a graduate of the University of Houston who initially taught for the Caldwell County School System as a classroom instructor teaching grades K-8. She helped develop the state's performing arts guidelines. Robert Clater, a graduate of Temple University and post graduate certification from the University of California at Northridge is a certified Secondary Education teacher in North Carolina and California. He was named Teacher of the Year in Los Angeles Unified School District and was a three time nominee for National Teacher of the Year. He helped edit the Prentice Hall English text books and was chosen to grade the California SAT essays. His specialty is critical thinking and creative writing. His public speaking courses resulted in a National Champion, and many of his former students credit him with their success.

From the Executive Director, Lesia Kaye

It is with great sadness that I must inform you that the Board of Directors has voted that CBTC has hit a financial shortfall that cannot be overcome.  CBTC has been serving young actors for a remarkable 14 years bringing dreams to fruition and hearts to overflowing.  The impact has been beyond anything I could have imagined.  But that journey has come to an end. The Board of Directors for CBTC has voted to dissolve CBTC.  This is currently the best financial choice. 


Our journey is not over, simply taking a different form.  Join me in thanking the CBTC Board of Directors for making this difficult decision.  Transitions are neither good nor bad, they simply are.


Thank you and stay safe,

Lesia Kaye 

Executive Director

Contact Info

Email: lesiakaye@carolinabroadway.org